Bunk Rooms

A fun and efficient way to add extra beds at a cottage is to plan a bunk room. Usually for the kids, this provides extra beds for friends or family to share time at your cottage together.

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Passive Cooling

Passive Cooling describes a range of strategies to create spaces that are cooler in the summer – without resorting to energy-intensive air conditioning.

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Steel or Cribs?

“Steel or cribs?” is often the first questions I hear when discussing a new dock or boathouse.
Is an engineered steel pile frame the most reliable foundation in a lake, or is the traditional timber-and-rock crib best?

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The Screened Porch

Experienced cottagers usually tell me that the most important room at their summer cottage, the space where they spend most of their time, is the screened porch – also known as the “Muskoka Room” in that part of cottage country.

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